Transom Window House Numbers

Gold Leaf House Numbers

You might have seen beautiful, gold-leaf transom address numbers painted right on the windows of your neighbors home or local business. You might have even thought about getting something just like that for your home. Design & Sign would love to provide you with our transom window services to make your home or business’s numerical address more stylish, warm, and welcoming. Painting house numbers is a delicate process, requiring a day of labor, give or take. However, we make sure that they look distinctive and well-done, with appropriate outlining and shading.

Transom House Numbers

We can install excellent transom window house numbers in the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington DC areas. Likewise, we have installed many gold leaf numbers in Northern Virginia too. These numbers will not only make your house numbering distinctive but also stylish and fanciful. The process we use is straightforward but effective for applying for the numbers. Once you commit to one of our projects, we will then provide you with:

  • A custom font portfolio for your review
  • A scale drawing for your approval

We can provide the most traditional style and finish with our 23 karat XX gold leaf and palladium leaf. All of our transom window house numbers are installed on the second surface of your transom in two layers to create a perfect mirror finish. Your numbers will have a black painted outline, and they can also include a shadow if requested. The outline will always create contrast between the gold leaf and the transparent glass. Whenever a letter requires additional shading, we can get a stronger contrast with a significant visual impact.

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Transom Window House Numbers & Commercial Glass Gilding

Here are links to some of our glass gilding projects and transom house numbers. Each of these posts contains photos and information about each particular job.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install the transom house numbers?

As soon as you have approved our drawing, we can schedule your installation quickly. For the most part, we will need at least five hours to complete your numbers. So first, we arrive at 7 am. Ordinarily, we can finish your job before 2 pm.

How long will transom house numbers last?

As they are applied directly on the second surface of your transom in two layers, they last for many years; therefore, replacing or fixing is only needed if your transom breaks or if you need to replace the glass for any reason.

Is it necessary to clean it with special detergents?

Please do not clean the letters with any abrasive materials or solvent. If you must clean the glass, spray Windex onto a paper towel and gently rub it on the glass without touching the letters. You can use a feather duster to clean the letters.

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