Transom Numbers, a Gold Leaf House Address at 902 in DC.

How do we install gold leaf transom numbers?

Transom numbers at 902, you’ll immediately see the difference in your home’s exterior appearance. Your gold leaf traditional transom numbers will make it so easy for your friends and family to find your house on a busy street. First, we provide fonts for review and then drawings with measurements and other options. When you approve our final drawing, then we can quickly schedule your appointment. Gilding your numbers requires five to six hours on-site. In the morning on any weekday, we’ll arrive at 7 am. With many steps along the way, we must take our time and wait for each layer to dry completely before moving to the next phase of the gold leafing process. With a half-century of experience gilding, we can safely promise that your transom numbers will look perfect.

Maintaining your gold leaf numbers is easy.

With proper care, your transom numbers will last many years. Please don’t use harsh fluids on the back of your numbers or scrub them with abrasive pads or brushes. You’ll regret it! Instead, squirt a little Windex onto a paper towel and then rub the glass, do your best to avoid the backs of the numbers. You can use a feather duster, too, that will not damage your numbers.

Learn more about our Transom Window House Numbers.  Here’s more detailed information and photos of the process from start to finish!

transom numbers gold leaf

transom numbers gilding on glass

If you don’t have glass for transom numbers, we have address signs.

We can still make an address sign for you. Here are some examples of that. Cast plaques are great, and we can mount them onto any brick wall adjacent to your front door. In rural areas, a sandblasted cedar sign at the top of your driveway is an excellent option, and it helps visitors make the right turn when visiting you at home.

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