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Designs & Signs, LLC creates carved signs with Routered HDU and Sandblasted Cedar. Undoubtedly, your neighborhood needs a New Entrance Sign. But what if you already have a stone sign face that needs letters? We can also provide on-site sandblasting services for granite signs and monuments.

Your Signs need Gold Leaf!

Finally, gold leaf is the perfect finish for any of our subdivision signs. Filling sandblasted stone letters with a leaf is possible. Incised letters in Teak, Mahogany, Cedar, or HDU; are perfect for gold leaf too. Raised letters are the best for a gold leaf finish. We can put gold leaf on any sign for you.

Perhaps you would enjoy a hand-carved cedar welcome sign installed at the bottom of your driveway or a sandblasted address sign by your front door? We can even make traditional teak quarterboards for your home!

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