Gold Leaf Boat Names

Gold leaf boat names made of 23 karat gold leaf film

We have many different 23 karat gold leaf films available for custom gold leaf boat lettering, and gold leaf boat names. Typically we use engine turn gold leaf and burnished gold leaf, but we do have other films available. We also offer chrome gold leaf, brushed gold leaf, and florentine swirl gold leaf. Over the years these films have been upgraded to 15 years outdoor exposure. We use premium vinyl for the secondary colors, the outline and/or shadow. We have a wide selection of colors availalbe, and our premium cast vinyl films are rated for 9-12 years outdoor exposure.

Gold leaf boat names applied by hand on wooden hulls

We usually apply traditional gold leaf lettering by hand when lettering any wooden hull. This process is tedious, a full day is needed to properly apply a gold leaf boat name by hand. First we would use a pounce pattern to apply a charcoal outline to the transom. The the size is applied by brush and the gold leaf is then applied when the size is almost dry. The outline and shadow are applied with a brush. It is quite a difficult process but the finished product makes it worth the effort. We do it the right way every time and we guarantee the quality of our craftsmanship.

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