Carved Quarterboards

A variety of beautiful boat names created and installed by Designs & Signs

We design and install custom boat names of every sort. We use only premium cast vinyls and other top quality materials. We also have 23 karat gold leaf film and silver leaf film available with a variety of finishes; engine turn, florentine, burnished, brushed and chrome. Additionally we provide matching custom life rings and hand-carved teak quarterboards with gold leaf. Generally we service marinas and piers in Annapolis and Edgewater. We offer gilding by hand for restored transoms of classic wooden boats and wooden yachts.

How we do it – the process in summary from start to finish

First we present our customers with a portolio of select fonts to choose from. We do a site survey of the boat whenever possible or we ask the owner for photos and measurements if the boat is not near our shop. We take the best font and create a scale drawing to show the customer exactly what their boat will look like once the lettering is installed. Typically our custom boat names will last ten years, give or take a few years depending on what types of films/materials we use.

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