Custom Carved Quarterboards

Custom Carved Quarterboards

Embrace the spirit of leisure

Enjoy tropical vibes with our “Happy Hour” custom carved quarterboards. Brendon J. Brandon, the master craftsman behind this piece, is pictured here with the finished sign. His expertise in creating custom carved quarterboards is evident in the exquisite detail and artistry that bring this sign to life.

At Designs & Signs, we take pride in our custom carved quarterboards. Each piece is a work of art, tailored to add a touch of personality and charm to any space. With its inviting script and playful palm tree motif, this teak sign is the perfect emblem for those moments of relaxation.

We craft our custom carved quaterboards

from high-quality materials, made to last. Brendon uses time-honored techniques to carve, paint, and finish each sign. The result is a durable and attractive piece that captures the essence of good times and cherished gatherings.

This “Happy Hour” sign isn’t just an ordinary plaque—it’s a piece of craftsmanship that invites smiles and signals the start of a carefree time. It’s ideal for gracing the walls of a home bar, a patio, or even a restaureant, where friends and patrons come together to unwind. In fact, you can see this wonderful sign on display at The Burgee Bar in Key Largo, FL.

Brendon J. Brandon doesn’t just carve signs

He also brings them to life with a passion that’s been honed over years of practice. Indeed, his work on the “Happy Hour” quarterboard is a testament to his skill and the quality that Designs & Signs stands for. Every curve of the lettering and stroke of the brush reflects our commitment to excellence.

Our custom carved quarterboards are versatile, suitable for a range of settings. We customize a sign to fit your personal or business needs. If you want to capture the laid-back atmosphere of a beachfront property or the cozy corner of a local pub, a sign like “Happy Hour” sets the perfect tone.

Invest in a custom carved quarterboard from Designs & Signs and let Brendon J. Brandon’s craftsmanship welcome your guests to a place where the good times roll. It’s more than a sign; it’s an invitation to make every hour, a happy one.

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