Painted Boat Names

Who needs a painted boat name?

Back in the day it was all brush lettering at marinas. We only made painted boat names, even on fiberglass hulls.  Paint was the only way to go. That was before vinyl was available. Now vinyl or gold leaf film is the preferred material for use on fiberglass boats and yachts. However there is still the need for painted boat lettering. Hand-painted names are gorgeous!

Often we come across wooden hulls on classic speedboats and luxury wooden yachts. These older wooden vessels require the use of paint and brush. Once we have finished painting the name, you can apply additional coats of varnish to protect the lettering.

How do we do it?

First, we provide our customers with a custom font portfolio for review, and once you choose a font, we provide a scale drawing or mock photo of the transom for final review. Finally, after final approval, we prepare a pounce pattern.

We take a pounce pattern onto the wooden hull, and then a charcoal bag is used to apply the design to the hull. Next, we paint your boat name by hand. Shadows and outlines are applied after, also by hand with a brush.

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