Fishing Boat Names – This Driftwood Looks Good!

We design and paint handsome fishing boat names. Driftwood is a small wooden hull fishing boat docked in Eastport, near Annapolis. First, we send you fonts to review. Choose your favorite font, and then you’ll receive a drawing with measurements and color options. Brendon Brandon created this driftwood boat name with black lettering enamel. Brendon also applied a grey shadow, and he painted names on both sides of the hull.

Beautiful fishing boat names just like Driftwood!

Fishing boat names

Commerical fishing statistics

Boats or ships are used for fishing in the sea, or on lakes and rivers. Different kinds of vessels are used in commercial, artisanal, and recreational fishing.
4.6 million fishing vessels oversaw global waters in 2016, a 4% increase from 2014. There were 3.5 million vessels in Asia, accounting for 75 percent of the global fleet. In Africa and North America, numbers declined from 2014, by over 30,000 and nearly 5,000 vessels, respectively. All of these regions saw increases, most strongly as a result of improvements in estimation procedures. It is hard to estimate recreational fishing boat numbers. Unlike commercial fishing vessels, they are often not exclusively fishing vessels but also travel in groups

No more wooden fishing boats?

Fisheries were not standardized prior to the 1950s. Design varies between ports and boatyards. A boat traditionally made of wood is not common now, because of its maintenance costs and lower durability. Boat manufacturers currently use fibreglass to build boats up to 25 metres (100 tons). However, they use steel to build boats that are longer than 100 feet, especially for navigation of norther seas which might contain ice flows and other heavy debris.
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