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A classy painted boat name on a wood transom; it looks great, and it’s what we do best. Let us make your boat names and quarter boards by hand. You’ll love what you see when we are finished. When we letter a classic wooden boat, the transom receives additional coats of varnish after the painted boat name dries. A suitable spar varnish protects the transom and the letters from water and sun. With regular maintenance of the varnish topcoat, the painted boat name will last forever!

Boat lettering hand pained boat name classy boat names

A Painted Boat Name; it’s So Classy!

With modern boat-making materials, we rarely get to do hand lettering. Most modern hulls are fiberglass, so we always use vinyl on fiberglass. However, there are still some classic handmade wooden hulls, which look great with hand-painted brush lettering. First, the wooden transom is sanded and varnished. The marina takes care of that. Next, we work with the captain to find a good font for creating a paper pounce pattern to apply a charcoal outline of that design to the transom. Then the letters are painted on by hand, and the shadow is applied after. The paint needs to rest for one day to dry completely. At that point, additional coats of varnish are necessary to protect the transom. The extra varnish protects the painted lettering. Maintain the topcoat of varnish each year, and the painted lettering will not deteriorate. With proper upkeep, a hand-painted boat name can last a very long time!


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