hand-painted boat lettering

We make beautiful hand-painted boat lettering. Your wooden boat needs a perfect name, something that reflects your personality or is of importance to you alone! Our painted lettering will bring your vessel to life. This wooden boat looks sharp with a new hand-painted name.

First, we can send you fonts for review. Then, when you choose a font, we can create drawings with measurements and color choices. Currently, Travis Brandon designs all of our boat names and signage.

We create and use pounce patterns to apply your name to the transom with charcoal. Finally, Brendon Brandon paints the lettering by hand and adds the shadow, an elegant finishing touch!

The final step (which we don’t do) is to finish your transom with more varnish. If you protect the lettering with another coat of varnish, your name will last many years. Occasionally the transom should be sanded and varnished again. If the varnish fails, then the lettering below may also end up peeling off of the boat. With regular maintenance, you can avoid any long-term damage to your new painted boat name.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a quote! Our hand-painted boat lettering is sure to please any skipper! Happy sailing to all.

hand-painted boat lettering



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