Hand carved teak boards

Check out these ‘Loki‘ hand-carved teak boards. Designs & Signs make the best boards around!

First, the teak boards are hand-carved for each order. Next, the carved letters are gilded in 23 karat gold to produce an outstanding appearance. Finally, the hand-carved teak boards have multiple clear coats applied to them. This ensures that the boards withstand the elements for years to come. It’s a good idea to have canvas covers made for the boards when the vessel is not in use. Seasonal upkeep of the clear coat may be needed in harsh climates.

Hand carved teak boards

Hand carved teak boards

Hand carved teak boards

About Loki

Loki is known as the great trickster god of Norse mythology. He was devious, deceptive, and practically always scheming. Loki was also a shapeshifter whose forms varied as widely as his motives for mischief. These motives often included wealth, wisdom, and more. While Loki’s shenanigans often landed the other gods in unfavorable situations, his tricks often rescued the gods when they were in bad situations together.

Loki was a member of the Aesir tribe of deities, along with Thor, Odin , and Freya. Loki and these other gods were the ruling deities of Norse thought. However, Loki was different from his divine counterparts. The remaining three gods strove to impose a righteous order amongst the gods while Loki’s behavior questioned the nature of his allegiances. In the end, Loki was never actually for or against the other gods. He was neither good nor evil, but rather a partisan of disorder who challenged conventions and tested boundaries. Loki’s chaotic inconsistency reminded people that the line between good and evil was far hazier than anticipated.

Most recently, the origins of the name “Loki” are linked to Germanic words for “knot”, “loop” and “tangle”. These words have a literal connection to the deity, as Loki was often depicted as the “maker of fish”. In addition, there are also deeper and metaphorical connections, as Loki’s schemes were like webs that entangled the unsuspecting. Interestingly, spiders were referred to as “loki” from time to time. This is because their webs are designed to catch unknowing passersby.

Source: Mythopedia

To learn more about the Norse god Loki, check out this video and the links below!

Source: YouTube: Loki, God of Trickery

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