Gold Leaf Boat Name – Mi Amante

A beautiful gold leaf boat name designed and installed by Designs & Signs for Mast and Mallet Boatworks in Edgewater, Maryland. The process requires a full day to complete. First the transom must be prepped by someone at your boat yard. It should be varnished well and sanded before we arrive to begin gilding. A pounce pattern is used to apply a thin charcoal outline of the lettering to the back of the boat. We follow those outlines when we apply the size with a lettering brush. When the size begins to tac up we apply the gold leaf. The size and leaf must be completely dry before polishing. Below, Brendon finished the lettering with a lettering brush, applying both outline and shadow to this boat name.

gold leaf boat name

Your Gold Leaf Boat Name – More Styles…

Yacht Lettering – Gold Leaf Yacht Lettering – Audrey

Gold Leaf Film – Gold Leaf Yacht Lettering – Compass Rose

Silver Leaf – Florentine Silver Leaf Yacht Lettering – Beba

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