Gold Leaf Boat Name – Bessy

gold leaf on wooden boat

Brendon Brandon applies a gold leaf boat name to Bessy, a fine wooden boat designed and manufactured by Mast and Mallet Boatworks in Edgewater, Maryland. First the name and port are applied to the transom with charcoal powder and a pounce pattern. Size is then brushed onto the surface by hand. As the size begins to set the gold leaf is applied quickly by hand. The timing of this part of the process is crucial. If you lay the gold too soon it will sink and crack, if you lay the gold leaf too late it will not adhere completely to the size. After the gold is applied it is again time to wait. The size beneath the gold leaf must dry completely before the gold can be polished. Any loose gold will also have to be removed from the surface of the transom. We brush the transom first with baby powder to prevent loose gold from sticking to the varnish. The black outline is then applied by hand and finally the entire transom is given additional coats of varnish. With regular upkeep of the varnish the gold leaf boat name will last many years. Please take a moment to review more photos of our custom boat names.

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