Gold Leaf Yacht Lettering for Audrey, a Classic Yacht.

We make Beautiful hand-made boat names at Designs & Signs, installing gold leaf yacht lettering with traditional materials and techniques. Unfortunately, this pounce pattern is not in the right place yet. So we’ll adjust the pattern first to make sure it’s in the right place using a level and a tape measure. Then we tap the pattern with a charcoal bag, and the charcoal transfers the outline of the letters onto the boat’s transom. There are thousands of tiny holes in the pattern which allow the charcoal powder to pass through.

Installing traditional gold leaf boat names is not easy. It requires a lot of preparation and time. We do our best to get every job done right on the first try. However, a job like this requires a lot of time and patience. The gilding process is all-consuming, we cannot rush it, or we will undoubtedly regret our haste.

Gold Leaf Yacht Lettering - Audrey

Finally, when we render the shadow , this beautiful name begins to take shape. This boat name is by far our favorite name of all. We would love to letter many more boats like this! However, traditional wooden yachts require the most elegant lettering, and we know we can do that for your boat too!

Gold Leaf Yacht Lettering - Audrey

Excellent 23 Karat XX Gold Leaf Yacht Lettering! Rendered by hand.

Gold Leaf Boat Lettering for Audrey, A hand-rendered gold leaf boat name designed by the owner and hand-rendered on-site by Brendon Brandon of Designs & Signs. This beautiful classic yacht sets sail from Historic St. Mary’s City in Southern Maryland. We also painted the outline, shadow, and hailing port with a fine lettering brush and enamel paint. Unfortunately, we have not yet received photos of the finished transom. After the name dries completely, additional coats of spar varnish are applied to the transom to protect the name. Lightly sand the varnish if it starts to look dull, and you should use an extra coat every year. So long as the varnish is adequately maintained, the gold leaf name will last forever.

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