Carved Stone Lettering – WWII Memorial

Carved stone lettering in granite at The World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.  Kevin handles all of our sandblasting projects. He has more than thirty years of carving experience.. Designs & Signs has carved and gilded various monuments and memorials in Washington, DC and the surrounding area. This photo illustrates the sandblasting process.  A compressor is used to blast the sand into the stone surface. The rubber mask protects the covered stone surface while the exposed areas are slowly carved away. Only experienced carvers can utilize this method accurately, maintaining a consistent depth with each letter.

carved stone lettering

Kevin Nick – Our Carved Stone Lettering Expert!

It’s absolutely an honor for our company to participate in a project like this. Kevin is our carved stone lettering expert with 30+ years experience with sanblasting stone and more… We rely on his expertise time and time again to get these important blasting jobs done right every time.

Another On-Site Sandblasting Project

Sandblasting Letters Into Polished Granite at Brantwood Overlook

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