Carved Stone Lettering – WWII Memorial

How did we make perfect carved stone lettering at The World War II Memorial in Washington, DC?  Kevin handles all of our sandblasting projects. He has more than thirty years of carving experience. Designs & Signs has carved and gilded various monuments and memorials in Washington, DC , and the surrounding area. We use a heavy-duty compressor and other blasting equipment. The rubber mask protects the face of the stone, while the blasting media reveals the exposed letters. Only experienced carvers can utilize this method accurately, maintaining a consistent depth with each letter.

carved stone lettering

Kevin Nick – Our Carved Stone Lettering Expert!

It’s absolutely an honor for our company to participate in a project like this. Kevin is our carved stone lettering expert with 30+ years of experience with sandblasting stone and more. We rely on his expertise repeatedly to get these critical blasting jobs done right every time.

About the World War II Memorial

The WWII Memorial opened on April 29, 2004. It consists of 56 pillars, which represent all US states and territories in 1945. Each pillar is 17 feet tall. Architects designed them in a semi-circle around a plaza. In addition, the memorial has a pair of small triumphal arches for the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, each standing on opposite sides of the plaza at 43 feet tall. The monument honors Americans who served in the armed forces and civilians during World War II. In 2018 alone, more than 4.6 million people visited the memorial.

To learn more about the WWII Memorial or to plan a trip, please visit the link below.

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