Monument Carving

Sandblasting Lettering into stone; we offer Monument Carving on-site services. Send us your project specifications and often we can provide a quote.

sandblasted monument lettering

sand carved letters in granite

Kevin Nick sandblasting in stone; he’s great at what he does best, producing great dimensional signage. We use a pliable rubber mask with high tac adhesive, which sticks well to rough and uneven surfaces. The mask repels sand. In contrast, the sand carved into the exposed areas creates letters. The process can be time consuming as many factors must be accounted for during any blasting project. If the stone is rough we need to be sure to use a high adhesive, more pliable film. Sometimes Anchor Stencil Filler is needed to help the rubber to stay in place. Another degree of difficulty arises due to the density of the stone. For example, if the stone is very hard, the of course the blasting process is slower. Likewise, a softer stone shortens the time needed to carve out the letters.

monument carving letters into stone

Monument Carving Detail…

Everything must be perfect when we are working on a project like this. Any mistake would be very bad. These stones cannot be repaired they would need to be removed and replaced.

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