Monument Carving – Ballou High School

Monument carving, sandblasting by Designs & Signs. This exterior concrete wall is 30 feet high. First a rubber mask is applied to the surface of the wall. A pounce pattern is used to mark the letters onto the stencil. The letters are then cut by hand and removed. Kevin Nick blasts the letters into the concrete. Please take a moment to review out site, we have posted many more photos of our sandblasting projects. Thank you for your time!

monument carving at ballou high school

monument carving at ballou high school

Monument Carving ON-SITE!

Please CLICK HERE to visit the official website for Ballou High School.

A GREAT ARTICLE about the new facilities at Ballou High School.

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Monument Carving

Monument Carving

Sandblasting Lettering into stone. Monument Carving on-site. Kevin Nick sandblasting in stone. We use a pliable rubber mask with high tac adhesive,...

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