Sandblasting Letters Into Concrete – A Monument Wall at Ballou High School

Sandblasting Letters Into Concrete; at Designs & Signs, we offer this on-site sign carving service. At this newly renovated school in Washington, DC, we used a huge rubber mask over the cinderblock wall to create big letters. The mask protects the surface while sand carves away at the exposed letters. This exterior concrete wall is 30 feet high. With a pounce pattern we apply the design of the letters onto the stencil. Then, Kevin cuts the letters out by hand, simply by following the charcoal lines on the rubber mask. Finally, Kevin Nick blasts the letters into the concrete. Please take a moment to review our site, we have posted many more photos of our sandblasting projects. Thank you for your time!

monument carving at ballou high school / Sandblasting Letters Into Concrete

monument carving at ballou high school / Sandblasting Letters Into Concrete

Sandblasting Letters Into Concrete ON-SITE!

First, send us the specifications for your project. Right away, we’ll do our best to send an accurate quote to you. Often, we can provide a good quote without needing a site survey. However, not all jobs are well suited for our blasting process. Sandblasting Letters Into Concrete is what we do best. Let’s get started on your next project right away! Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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