Routed Signs – The Best HDU Routed Signs!

We make beautiful routed signs. This routed sign shows a sandblasted finish with a raised, incised letter. This exciting combination of carving methods produces a unique finished product. First, the CNC router incises the lettering, which creates a hand-carved look. The outlines of the lettering are raised and flat. We finished them with gloss black lettering enamel. The delicate contours complicated the hand-painting process on this job, but we finished it perfectly nonetheless.

Incorporating two styles of carving

In contrast, the recessed background produces a faux woodgrain background, which reproduces the look of a sandblasted cedar sign. We can make a complex routed sign such as this at a fraction of the cost of cedar. It would take much longer to finish if we were to blast and hand-carve a piece of cedar to create a sign like this. It would cost a lot more too.

Gold leaf lettering on routed signs

About 1936, Bar & Grill routed signs.

You will find 1936 Bar & Grill in beautiful Chesapeake Beach at the Rod ‘N’ Reel boutique resort. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Or course, the food is delicious, and the service is excellent. The view is fantastic too! Patrons overlook Fishing Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. The restaurant has two levels and plenty of outdoor seating to view sports activities or watch the sunset.

To learn more about the 1936 Bar & Grill or plan a stay at the Rod ‘N’ Reel Resort, please visit the links below.

trinity united methodist church salisburyHere is another excellent example of our routed signs with gold leaf lettering. We produced matching routed signs for different buildings around their campus. Consider visiting Trinity Methodist Church in Salisbury, Maryland. The traditional stone architecture is handsome. The campus is on route 50, so it is easy for visitors to find. Consider attending a Sunday serviceand get involved in their community outreach programs and small groups. Faith is beautiful, and God is good.

CNC Routing, what is it exactly?

The computer numerical control (CNC) router is a computer-controlled cutting machine that mounts a hand-held router as a spindle. The spindle cuts much sign-making materials, such as wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastics, glass, etc. For example, we use CNC routers to create dimensional signs and dimensional letters. 

The CNC milling machine is one of the most commonly used CNC machines.

Of course, CNC mills are one of the most popular CNC machines, and they use computer controls to cut a variety of materials according to a layout. Additionally, mills can translate numbers and letters into a program of movements that can move the spindle in various ways. Similarly, incised letters produce the look of a hand-carved sign. Woodgrain imitates the traditional sandblasted cedar finish.
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