Gold Leafing Carved Letters; Gold Leaf Signs & Gilded Letter.

Routered signs look like we carved them by hand.

Below, you’ll see a detailed photo of an incised letter in HDU with gold leaf; it’s a great example of Gold Leafing Carved Letters. If routed in this way, HDU signs can appear as though they are hand-carved. However, there is a difference. Hand-carved letters have slight imperfections in them, which makes them look better. Letters with minor imperfections tend to catch more light and reflect the light more brilliantly. However, in many circumstances, the cost of carving a sign by hand may outweigh the benefit, so CNC routeering fills that price gap with a quality solution.

See the gold leafing carved letters process.

Designs & Signs creates many gold leaf signs for a variety of uses. For example, we make community entrance signs, restaurant and shop signs, and gilded lettering on glass windows. CNC routers are an excellent tool for fast sign-making that allows us to carve incised letters into a high-density urethane sign face quickly. We finished the letters with 23 karat gold leaf. We can also restore old gold leaf signs and gilded antiques.

Gold Leafing Carved Letters

See more photos of our gold leaf signs.

In summary, Gold Leafing Carved Letters looks excellent, almost looks as good as an actual hand-carved letter! Visit any of the links below to see photos of our hand-carved signs and read more relevant information about Gilding Carved Letters.

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