Hand Carved Mahogany Sign / Courtney 690 – An Address Sign for Your Home.

A Hand carved mahogany sign; we make mahogany signs, and we always finish our traditional signs with gold leaf or palladium leaf. We installed this home address sign at a residential property in Severna Park, Maryland. Designs & Signs manufactures a variety of carved signs for commercial and residential use. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote! If you desire a traditional address sign or a welcome sign for your home, surely we can help. Sometimes, residences have a long driveway or perhaps many mailboxes located in one area. Therefore, it is not always clear to your guests where your home is. If someone can’t find your driveway, they might end up parking at the neighbor’s house by mistake. However, with a traditional home address sign placed on your property near the causeway, anyone can easily find your house. In short, the welcome sign with your address invites your guests to your home without confusion or misdirection.

hand carved mahogany sign

A Welcome Sign for your home should include your address and maybe your street name too. However, the Courtney family preferred a welcome sign with their family name on it.

Hand Carved Mahogany Sign w/ Palladium Leaf! Wow.

Similarly, we also install gold leaf numbers on glass transom for homes and residential buildings in Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. For example, here are a few links to some of our residential gold leaf number installations. For sure, we use traditional methods to apply gold leaf and palladium by hand. However, conventional glass transoms on rowhouses and mansions alike need numbers to stand out. Unfortunately, without transom numbers, your friends and family could have trouble when they are trying to find your house.


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