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Carved teak signs for restrooms at Burr Yacht Sales in Edgewater, Maryland; we carved these by hand and finished both teak signs with 23 karat gold leaf and a painted outline. Varnish protects these teak signs for many years to come. Multiple coats fill the woodgrain before we apply the gold leaf and outline. After the lettering dries, we put on many more coats of spar varnish or spar urethane. Additional coats, up to 6 or more over top of the letters, make these boards stand up to foul weather, scorching sun, and heat. Occasionally any teak sign will need to be sanded and resealed with new varnish. Be aware of the state of your teak signs. Whenever they begin to look faded, that means it’s time for you to take action.

When do I need to put more varnish on my teak boards?

You can send them to us for sanding and varnish, or you can do it yourself. Whatever you do, please do not allow the varnish to fail. If the varnish begins to crack away from the teak, it will pull off the gold leaf and the outline. At that point, we would need to strip your carved teak signs completely and refinish them, a time-consuming and more costly process indeed!

teak signs

teak carved signs

Quarterboards are carved teak signs too!

Most of our hand-carved signs are quarterboards. We carve the letters by hand and finish them with gold leaf and a hand-painted outline. Please follow the link below! We also make life rings and boat names to match your teak nameboards.

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