Gilded House Numbers; Gold Leaf Transom Numbers – 1833 Baltimore

Glass transoms need gilded house numbers.

We install Gilded House Numbers at many historical homes in Annapolis, Baltimore & Washington, DC. Gold leaf. Below you can see a fine example of beautiful gold leaf transom numbers on a traditional brick rowhouse in Baltimore City. Double gold leaf with a hand-painted outline and backup paint is sure to make your transom looks better than ever. Some additional photos show more detail of the glass gilding process.

Learn more about our Transom Window House Numbers.  Here, we provide you with more detailed information and photos of the process from start to finish!

gold leaf in Baltimore

Gilded house numbers; it’s a full-day job.

The entire process takes about five or size hours to complete. Our standard pricing is for a 5-inch tall number. If you desire taller numbers, the job will take longer, and the price would reflect the difference in time commitment. Usually, we arrive at 7 am, and we are finished by one or two in the afternoon. If you would like more information about our glass gilding and other gold leaf signs and services, please call us or send us an email without hesitation. We are always glad to help with answers to your questions.

With careful review, we avoid mistakes.

Below, you’ll see a photo of the numbers after the first application of gold leaf. These numbers will require two coats of water size and gold leaf, and then touch-ups after that. Before backing up these numbers with black paint, we must be sure that there are no tiny holes in the gold leaf. We look at each number with reading glasses to ensure no small details that we miss.

gold leaf transom numbers Baltimore

How do you protect gilded house numbers?

Brendon backs up each number with black backing paint. Once the paint is dry, we can eradicate the excess gold leaf. We use a brush with stiff soft bristles, which help to gently scrub the extra gold leaf from the glass around the numbers. It takes a while to do this right, and again we take a good look at the numbers with reading glasses to ensure that we have missed no details. During any part of the process, if we attempt to work too quickly, we could easily mess up the job, which would mean starting over from the beginning. Finally, after many hours of patience and perfect timing, your gilded house numbers are ready to shine!

gold leaf home address baltimore city gilded house numbers

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