Glass Gilding – Jack Wills

Glass gilding (gold leaf on glass) on a shop window, at Jack Wills University Outfitters in Charlottesville, Virginia. Designs & Signs installs gold leaf throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Glass gilding is one of our many specialties.

glass gilding - jack wills

This installation required three days to complete. Gold leaf is a tedious, time consuming craft. The size of your logo is important. A reasonably sized logo takes one day to install and is priced appropriately. Our installations are priced by the day, or number of days required for completion of the project. Unfortunately we were asked to put this logo low on the glass… making the installation far more difficult than we had anticipated. Brendon had to lay on his back and kneel during the installation. Gold leaf catches the eye of anyone on the street. A high location for this logo would have been appropriate and much easier to render.

We also install gold leaf numbers on residential properties.

About Jack Wills

In 1999, Peter Williams and Robert Shaw co-founded Jack Wills with its first store opening in Salcombe, England. The brand was originally marketed towards university students and used the slogan “University Outfitters” (as seen above), which reflects the inspiration behind the creation of the brand. Today, Jack Wills operates in the United States, United Kingdom and Hong Kong as well as other countries in Europe and Asia.

Source: Wikipedia

For more information about the brand, check out the link below!

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