Transom Numbers In Gold Leaf

Transom Numbers In Gold Leaf

Right on Florida Ave in DC

Here you’ll find a standout piece of work at 1231—the transom numbers in gold leaf. They’re bold, bright, and they scream quality. Putting them up is an all-day job, but it’s worth every minute.

Here’s how the process wors: we start with a super clean transom. First, we clean the exteior and interior surface of the glass. Then, we get to measure the transom and place our templates and patterns accurately to create a balanced look. We’ve got this neat trick called pouncing—it helps us get the outline just right on the glass. Similarly, we can use stencils to achieve the same results.

Next up, we apply water size to the glass. It’s barely sticky and completely translucent—gotta wait for the perfect moment. Then comes the gold leaf. The leaf is thin and tricky to work with, but we handle it with care and attention. When we make transom numbers in gold leaf, we lay it on gently. Once the water size dries we can polish the leaf softly with cotton ball.

After the gold is on, we back up the numbers with protective black backup apint. It’s all about that attention to detail, making sure they’re easy to read and look great. The outlines provide contrast, allowing the gold leaf to pop and show up well on the glass.

By the end of the day, those numbers are doing more than just showing an address. They’re a mark of craftsmanship and care. We’re talking about a touch of class that lasts for years and catches every eye that passes by.

That’s how we do transom numbers in gold leaf

No need to overdo it, just solid work that speaks for itself. It’s not just about being flashy—it’s about doing the job well and making sure your house numbers in gold leaf stand out. That’s the kind of work that leaves both us and the family at 1231 proud. If you spend any time in the residential neighborhoods of Washington, DC, you will see our work. We have installed transom number in gold leaf on many homes and businesses throughout the city.

Transom Numbers In Gold Leaf

Transom Numbers In Gold Leaf

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