Gold Leaf in Washington DC – Songbyrd

At Designs & Signs, we plan and install the most spectacular gold leaf in Washington DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore City. Our gold leaf logos are always rendered meticulously by hand. The process for most reasonably sized logos requires a whole day to complete.

Gold Leaf in Washington, DC

Gold leaf in Washington, DC, is essential to make your business stand out. We offer the best on-site gilding service and other gold leaf signs. In addition, we installed another fabulous gold leaf logo on the window of Songbyrd Cafe in the vibrant neighborhood of Adams Morgan. Brendon Brandon works on the backup paint. This gold leaf logo nears completion. Here it appears that Brendon applies a varnish over the top of the backup color. However, this is something that we no longer do. The newer backup paints are more robust and do not require any extra protection.

brendon brandon gilding on glass in washington dc

About Songbyrd Record Cafe.

There is something unique about this venue. We truly appreciate the fact that this venue is so much more than just a place to hear amazing music. It’s also a coffee shop with locally roasted coffee. The shop has an area with vinyl records to browse and buy, a bar, and a small cafe that serves food. There is an area for performances too. This venue has an impressive vinyl collection. The band which is performing will often bring their vinyl records to sell at the shows.

-Jason Herman, 2018 from DC Music Review

Source: DC Music Review

We install Gold Leaf in Washington, DC and We also create dimensional Gold Leaf Signs. Our handmade gold leaf in Washington, DC is always the best way to go for your business or office.

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