Carved HDU Signs – Gold Leaf Signs for Escapade Advertising

Two matching hand-carved gold leaf signs for Escapade Advertising, we made these pretty carved HDU signs and installed them too. We tooled the  SignFoam by hand to create the sun. First, we blasted the exterior lettering around the sides of the faces. Then, we finished the letters with 22 karat gold leaf. Whenever we make a sandblasted sign, it’s good to include some images too. In this case, we enjoyed the process of carving by hand, the suns, which also receive a layer of gold leaf to show them off. The more prominent free-standing double-sided sign stands up with a large wooden frame and custom iron scrollwork. McCarter’s Welding in Mayo, Maryland, fashioned a frame for the sign with custom brackets. In a word, everything about these Carved HDU Signs is “excellent”!

Carved HDU Signs

Carved HDU Signs

What are sandblasted signs?

First of all, sandlasted signs can be made with various materials. Frequently we use cedar, HDU and granite to create sandblasted signs. In short, a rubber mask covers the surface of the sign face. A compressor creates pressure while the blasting pot controls the pressure and mixes the sand with the pressurized air. Whenever we blast signs, we wear protective masks, gloves and we use breathing equipment to protect our lungs. The nozzle and hose deliver the sand or other blast media toward the face of the sign. In fact, the artist has great control over the process just by aiming the nozzle while an assistant works the blast pot to provide consistent pressure and mix. As the process proceeds, slowly the sand will carve away at any exposed areas. Those carved spaced become the letters and images. In short, that is how we blast your sign.

We make Gold Leaf Signs and carved HDU signs.

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