Gold Leaf Sign – Josephine Butler Parks

Gold Leaf Sign – A sandblasted sign with 23 karat gold leaf finish. Brendon Brandon poses with a shovel? The faux stone frame is actually made of HDU, SignFoam…

sanblasted sign gold leaf

Another Classy GOLD LEAF SIGN…

A sandblasted HDU sign finished with gold leaf, and installed at The Josephine Butler Parks Center in Washington, DC. This beautiful gold leaf sign looks like real carved stone, but it isn’t! This sign was actually manufactured with sign foam, or high density urethane (HDU). The sign foam is sandblasted with a flat relief to resemble the look and texture of a real stone. The sign is then painted and the raised letters and trim are finished with 22kt gold leaf. Designs & Signs also makes genuine stone carved signs, but sign foam is considerably less expensive and easier to work with, and because we can fashion it to resemble either wood or stone, it is the perfect material for most installations. Please contact us if you have any questions about our carved signs and gold leaf services.

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