Sand Carved Signs, A Sandblasted Sign for Windswept Farm

Sandblasted signs; we also refer to them as sand carved signs. We make them by hand at Designs & Signs. Choose between HDU and Cedar. The owner of Windswept Farm preferred HDU, and we used a woodgrain frame to create the textured relief. The letters, border, and horn receive one layer of 23 karat gold leaf. Please take a moment to review our website, and we have posted many photos of our sandblasted signs, community entrance signs, and other gold leaf signs. If you are interested in a sandblasted sign for your home, community, or business, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote! Thank you.

What are sand carved signs?

For sure, any sign that we sandblast is a sand carved sign. We use a rubber stencil to protect the letters while the sand carves out the background. Hence the term sand carved signs. We can use our sandblasting tools to make signs for your out of HDU or cedar. Likewise, the same process will effectively carve deep letters into stone and concrete. However, some surfaces do not carve very well. For example, if the surface of any stone is too rough, we can’t get the stencil to stick well. In those instances, sand carved is not possible.

sandblasted sign - windswept farms / sand carved signs

More Ways To Make Your Dimensional Sign

We create so many different types of dimensional signs and dimensional letters. Visit the links above to see some different styles of dimensional signage.

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