Dimensional Lettering Signs, Sandblasted for Persimmon Point Marine.

Business logos should be simple.

Give us a call whenever you decide to move forward with your Dimensional Lettering Signs. Every business needs some form of advertising to survive. However, a great sign is more than that. Perfect entrance signs will help your business thrive! Designs & Signs will make stunning Dimensional signs by hand for your business or community, with simple graphics and a smart layout. The color palette is perfect, a lovely blue wave, silhouettes of soaring waterfowl and a brilliantly shining sun, the simple beauty of the Chesapeake bay, the way nature intended. With a bit of effort, we can capture visual moments like these and convey a wholesome message to your customers with iconic images like these below.

sandblasted sign - persimmon point Dimensional Lettering Signs

We MAKE The BEST Dimensional Lettering Signs.

Designed and manufactured by Designs & Signs for Persimmon Point Marine Services, a custom sandblasted sign, we finished the dark blue circle with a flat blast. Next, we blasted the interior light blue sky with a wood grain finish. The beautiful colors bring this sign together. Thus, all dimensions and textures work together to produce a complete visual identity, pleasing to your employees and customers. Designs & Signs has manufactured and installed many sandblasted signs for businesses and communities in Annapolis and Washington, DC.

Do you need interior dimensional letters or a logo for you business? We make those too! CLICK HERE to see some Dimensional Letters!

How do we design dimensional lettering signs?

First, we ask you for your idea or concept. This could be a sketch of photos of other signs. Perhaps you would simply tell us the copy needed and then the concept you have in your head, such as trees and mountains, or a beach. We can start from there are produce a few drawings as we create stunning finished drawings from you initial idea. Once you choose your favorite layout, we can show you color options. Also available for review, we have font portfolios. We can change the font on any layout to suit your taste. The rest of the job proceeds with machining or sanblasted. Both methods are capable of producing beautiful Dimensional Lettering Signs.

Do you need Community Entrance Signs?

We make them too! Sandblasted or Routed. Designs & Signs creates beautiful community entrance signs too! 

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