Custom Sandblasted Cedar Signs

Custom Sandblasted Cedar Signs to make a great first impression

Custom Sandblasted Cedar Signs

A sandblasted cedar sign is the perfect way to show off your specialy shop or boutique. At Designs & Signs, we create sandblasted signs by hand.

From design to installation, we address every detail along the way to create a perfect sign for your most important business!

Clear heart vertical grain cedar is the best material available for authentic hand-made dimesional signage.

The recessed background provides unique charateristics to each and every sign. Interesting textures and wood grain patterns are exposed and highlighted through the blasting process.Raised letters and trim can be painted or finished with 23 karat gold leaf.

Designs and Materials: Making a great first impression. Sandblasted Cedar just looks good all the time. You cannot go wrong with this product decision. This is a classic look that will not diminish as the years pass. If your logo is good and appropriate your sign will always look good too.

Durability: Make sure your sign can withstand the environment it’ll be placed in. Fading can be a big problem if you’ve had a lot of sunlight. In the case of rainfall, you should consider coverage. Depending on your environment and weather, as well as whether your storefront is outdoors or indoors, the material you choose for your storefront sign will differ. Cedar and Signfoam are both appropriate materials for outdoor use.

Make sure you have enough space for your storefront signs to hang. Shopping centers often have restrictions regarding the type of signage that can be used. Especially in Annapolis, or in any city where an Historical Commission is involved, be sure to present your ideas to your local committee for approval before purchasing a new sign for your boutique. For information about which types of signs are allowed in your city and whether permits are required, consult your city’s building code and zoning rules.

Budget: You need to set a budget for how much you want to spend on signage. Money spent on high end advertising is a great investment for your business. Every passer by who notices your shop and makes a purchase will offset the costs of your signage. Over the years you’ll find that a great sign makes a lot of money for your business, regardless of the initial price.

Custom Sandblasted Cedar Signs

Perfect Installation every time!

We mounted this sign with powder coated steel brackets, drilling the brackets into the wall first and adjusting the angle of each to accomadate for the uneven wood siding.

The sign is attached to the brackets with stainless steel round head screws. This way of mounting your sign will reduce tampering and vandalism because it is attached to the wall securely.

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