Sandblasted Signs – Eastpoint Metro

Surely these Sandblasted signs at Eastpoint Metro Business Center in Lanham, Maryland, look fantastic. Especially these polished granite faces; we manufactured and installed them well over 30 years ago. They still look great today. The sandblasted letters are finished with a genuine 23 karat gold leaf. We fabricate and install custom dimensional signs, community entrance signs, and monument sandblasted signs for many commercial and residential properties in Annapolis, Baltimore, Northern Virginia , and Washington, DC.

sandblasted signs - eastpoint metro

If you would like to discuss your project , please call us anytime or contact us by email. Also, please take a moment to browse our website. We offer a wide variety of custom handmade signs and sign crafting services. Thank you very much, and have a great day!

Another Sandblasted Signs Project is at Brantwood Overlook.

Sandblasting Granite! – Sandblasting Letters Into Polished Granite at Brantwood Overlook

Three-dimensional signage adds a sense of depth.

3D letters, logos, and graphics catch the eye like no other two-dimensional sign because of their shape, shadows, and shading. That’s why dimensional signs look great inside and outside!
However, what types of dimensional signs are there? Adding one to your business, restaurant, office, mall, school, or any other facility will require you to understand some of the most common types:
HDU is a foam that’s strong, lightweight, waterproof, and economical. A great option for creating custom shapes, HDU dimensional signs boast a carved look as well as smooth or textured surfaces. In addition, the look of wood is often recreated with 3D HDU signs.
In lobbies, 3D acrylic dimensional signs are a top indoor sign choice. Our company uses acrylic to make directional signs, suite signs, ADA signs, and more. Highly versatile, we cut them, polished, beveled edge, engraved, or sandblasted. Choose clear dimensional acrylic signs or ones in almost any color.

Wood 3D signs look great too.

We can create 3D wood signs from almost any type of wood, including wood that can withstand the elements, such as cedar or redwood. A sandblasted sign accentuates the natural beauty of the wood grain, bringing out the unique characteristics of the substrate.
Dimensional Cast Metal Plaques: The custom cast metal plaques serve to identify a building or business. Door and desk nameplates cast in bronze are a classic design element for many offices. In addition, custom 3D metal plaques will signify landmarks, parks, events, or people.
Aside from acrylic, three-dimensional letters and logos can also be formed or injection-molded from other kinds of plastic. Thus, it is possible to get depth and dimension for an affordable price. Moreover, there are many colors and finishes to choose from.
Dimensional metal letters look amazing with brushed finishes.
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