Carved House Signs at 703 in Annapolis. Your Guests Will Love These!

We make new HDU woodgrain signs

Carved Signs with woodgrain sandblasted background and raised letters and trim; we finished these house signs with d3 karat gold leaf. We use a paper drilling pattern to drill holes on the facade of this Annapolis home accurately. The pins in the back of the sign line up with the holes. The installation is quick and straightforward. The appearance is seamless because there are no screws or lags visible on the faces of these carved house signs.

How do you make a carved wood sign?

There are a few ways to make a carved wood sign. First like this, we can use HDU and sandblast it to make it look like wood. However it’s better to make carved wooden signs out of cedar, teak or mahogany. If we hand-carved a wooden sign with v-cut letters that is usually a more time-consuming process and so it can cost  bit more. However, if we blast a cedar sign we can usually make it quickly and finish quickly. The sandblasting process quickly carves away the background, leaving behind a beautiful grain pattern that is unique to each wooden sign. The raised flat letters are perfect for gold leaf or palladium.

Would you please take a moment to review other photos of our gold leaf signs and glass gilding projects in Annapolis and Washington, DC?

carved house signs

carved house signs

Carved House Signs in Severna Park too.

We made another carved house sign for a family in Severna Park. The Courtney family wanted something original, so we created a black carved sign with incised letters and exotic palladium leaf. You can see photos of that sign right here. We love our residential customers, from boat names and house signs to gold leaf numbers. We offer many carved signs and services that you will be sure to love for years to come.

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