Kiefer Family Orthodontics, a Sandblasted Sign with Gold Leaf

How does a gold leaf letter look?

Below, you’ll find some detailed photos of gold leaf lettering and the gilding process. Making a sandblasted sign with gold leaf is our specialty at Designs & Signs. Let us create a sandblasted sign with gold leaf for your community or business! We sandblasted these giant sign faces. However,

Are routed signs as good as a sandblasted sign with gold leaf?

If we were to do this job again, it would be preferable to use CNC routering to create these faces at this size. It would have saved us a lot of time, and the signs still would have looked very good! We’ve found over the years that there is more value in producing your HDU signs with a router than masking them out with rubber and blasting them by hand. The amount of time and labor plays a factor here concerning how we approach any project. The most efficient way to make your dimensional sign is usually the best way to provide you with a great product at the lowest possible price.

gold leaf application

23 karat gold leaf surface gilding

We do gold leafing by hand with loose leaf.

When we complete the gold leaf application, we’ll remove all the extra gold from around the letters. A very soft brush is great for knocking down the excess gold leaf. Finally, we polish each letter to a perfect shine with a soft cotton ball. The size and gold leaf must be completely dry before polishing , or else the cotton could leave marks on the lettering surface. We do not want that to happen. During any gilding process, we must be vigilant, as any mistakes are nearly impossible to fix.

surface gilding sandblasted signs

Please call us today if you have any questions.

We are so pleased with the results of this significant project, and we are even happier their our good friends at Kiefer Orthodontics decided to call on us to make it happen. It was quite a hike from Annapolis to Allentown to install the sign, but it was fun to see old friends too!

If you would like a quote for gold leaf signs, or perhaps if you have any questions, please call or message us today and we’ll respond quickly!

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