Paper Pattern

paper pattern used for installation dimensional letters

We use an XY plotter to create a paper pattern or pen drawing on paper. Then, we use these paper patterns to install letters by hand accurately. We use these when we are installing dimensional letters and logos on interior walls. Below are a couple of interesting articles explaining the installation process with some detailed photos to further demonstrate this technique. For internal installations, the letters would be placed on the wall with double-sided VHB tape as we cut away each paper letter to reveal the installation surface behind the paper. For exterior letters, patterns contain marks where we drill our holes. Those marks correspond with the stainless steel pins which are in the backs of the letters. Finally, we insert the pins into the wall with silicone to keep the letter in place during wind, rain, and other foul weather conditions.

How do we use our paper patterns?

We also you patterns for applying painted letters and graphics to the exterior and interior walls. Those paper patterns are called pounce patterns. Here’s a link to more information about pounce patterns.

Pounce Patterns, Paper Patterns, and other installation patterns

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