Brushed Aluminum Letters and Cast Plaque at MWCOG

How do we install 3D letters?

Designs & Signs made brushed aluminum letters for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments – Brushed plate laser cut aluminum with 1/4 inch returns; you’ll notice a handsome letter like this for sure. How do heave letters stay in place? The answer is simple, with very high bond 3M double-sided tape; literally, it never fails. We use a paper pattern to place the letters, ensuring that all of the letters are placed accurately on the wall. The VHB tape is permanent. Our installers cannot move the letters, after installing them, without damaging the wall’s surface. In addition, the high bond tape will tend to pull off some paint if we remove the letters. Anyone can quickly fix this sort of damage with spackle and some touch-up paint. If you need dimensional letters for your office wall, please give us a call or send us an email.

brushed steel letters

installation patter for wall lettering

3d logo

Brushed Aluminum Letters &  a Matching Cast Plaque.

We also made a matching cast aluminum plaque for MWCOG. The plaque has brushed letters to match the ones on this entrance wall. The recessed background of the plaque shows a black leatherette texture finish. All plaques indoors or outdoors will utilize a patented diamond shield clear coating, which makes them last for many years, even in harsh weather conditions.

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