How To Install Dimensional Letters, Using a Pattern.

First, tape up your installation pattern.

Indeed, you will want to use a tape measure and a level to ensure the proper placement of the pattern. Remember, if you are not satisfied with the placement of your letters, you will not be able to move them without damaging the wall. Our double-sided installation tape is strong. If you try to remove any letters, this will damage the surface of the wall. At that point, you would need to patch and paint the wall before you could reapply any of the misplaced letterings. In short, you should always be careful and be patient too!

how to install dimensional letters

How to install 3D letters with a paper pattern.

How to install dimensional letters – First , you will tape your paper pattern securely to the wall using a tape measure and level. Generally, it is a good idea to install all of your letterings at and above eye level. Then, if someone leans against the wall, you do not have to worry about damage to the letters.

installing letters onto a wall

Cut your installation pattern carefully.

Using the X-Actoc knife, cut away the paper letters leaving small portions of the drawing. Usually, I go the tops and bottoms of the letters exposed, meaning that the installation tape will be in the middle of the downstrokes. When I cut away the pattern, I will usually leave the top and bottom of the drawing and cut out all of the middle portions on the downstrokes. This approach allows me to place the letters accurately, and I don’t have to worry about tape sticking to the paper instead of to the wall.

wall lettering in progress

Now that you have learned how to install dimensional letters, there is one more point that we must stress. Generally, I will install the smaller letters first and then do the larger letters last. Then, after all of the letters have securely adhered to the wall, I carefully remove the paper pattern. To see the finished installation , PLEASE CLICK HERE!

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