Raised Letters for Kullman Siebert; We Make Great Dimensional Logos.

But what are raised letters?

Raised letters are three-dimensional letters that we can attach to any interior or exterior wall. For example, see used komacel to create the Kullman Siebert logo. A CNC Router cuts the letters, and then we clean them up a bit and paint them any color. What is komacel? It’s just a brand name for PVC. Raised letters can be cast, routed, or cut with water or lasers. We use acrylic, PVC, aluminum, steel, bronze, and brass to create custom 3D letters for your business.

raised letters for kullman siebert

We provide free quotes for 3D Logos.

If you desire an attractive raised logo for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We have so many different styles of lettering available for purchase. To provide a quote to you, we would need to see your logo first. Also, how big do you think your logo should be? Usually, the total width would be the determining factor for correctly sizing your installation. Finally, where will we be installing your logo? Perhaps, you could send us a photo of the area. Usually, this would be inside your office or outside of the building above your main entrance. A little information about your raised letters will allow us to give you an accurate quote by email. Generally, the turnaround time for a job like this could be 3 weeks.


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