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Dimensional letters; we installed this logo for W.F. Chesley Real Estate, LLC. These letters are brushed gold metal face with half-inch black komacel returns. The black return adds that extra feeling of depth to the lettering, almost creating what we might call a “double shadow effect”.

What are dimensional letters?

First, when you consider your office wall logo, you’ll want to choose a material that suits your taste, creating the appropriate ambiance for the room. Professionals might want solid metal letters. What is the best type of lettering available? Aluminum and steel, or brass letters, are conservative and always very elegant. Our most popular finishes are polished and brushed. A satin finish is also lovely; we might call it semi-polished for lack of a better term. Other aging finishes are appropriate for brass and bronze letters.

What is 3D lettering?

Some businesses might want a more casual look and so metallic letters would not work. Also, some logos are colored, and so it follows that a custom-painted finish will look best. Acrylic and PVC letters cost less, and we can paint them any color that you choose. We can even match Pantone numbers.

dimensional letters - chesley office

We’ve been making custom wall logos for 50 years. Our installations decorate many offices in DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Northern Virginia. So indeed we can find the best way to create your new office wall logo.

How do you install stud-mounted letters?

We place each letter carefully by hand using a paper pattern. Interior letters bond well with double-sided tape to most wall covering and painted surfaces. However, exterior letters require a more robust approach. We’ll need to use stainless steel pins that protrude from the back of each letter. So to being, we drill holes accurately every time with a paper pattern. As a result, a snug hole will provide ample support to the letters.

Similarly, the pins will stay put without the need for additional adhesives. Without a doubt, the pins should fit tight; in effect, the threads of the pin will grab the interior of the hole so that external forces cannot remove the pin. However, you may still want to read more about our installation process. Just click on this link to learn more – How To Install Dimensional Letters.

What is pin-mounted lettering? Here are some examples for your review.


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