Gold Leaf Logo Washington DC – Colony Club

We used real 23 karat gold leaf film to create this gold leaf logo in Washington DC. The film installs quickly and saves our customers money. For Colony Club we suggest film for the front door. This is a high traffic area where many people will be touching the glass as they go in and out of the restaurant. In this situation we do not recommend traditional gold leaf. It will last a long time but if it is constantly being rubbed and touched then it will damage quickly. On entrance doors we always use gold leaf film instead. It is a great product with a 15 year outdoor lifetime… on the interior of this glass door it will definitely last longer than that1

gold leaf logo on glass doorGold leaf and hand painted lettering in Washington DC. Glass gilding at Colony Club, a new cafe in the city. 23 karat gold leaf lettering on door and transom. Brush lettering custom logo by hand on the brick facade. Please take a moment to review more photos of our gold leaf signs and glass gilding projects. Thank you for your time! If you would like to discuss your gold leaf project please give us a call or send us a message!

hand painted lettering on exterior wall

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