Glass Gilding – Historical Church Transom

Glass Gilding by Designs & Signs is the best way to improve your home and business. Gold leaf address numbers appear prominently on a glass transom above a historical church entry. Designs & Signs practices traditional hand application of genuine gold leaf, and we have installed many classic gold leaf address numbers at historical sites and private residences.

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Please get in touch with us for a quote. Usually, we do not need much information to provide you with an accurate quote for gold leaf transom numbers. Numbers will usually be five inches tall with a black outline and sometimes with a shadow too. We provide you with fonts for review, and once you have chosen a font, we will send you the final drawing. Sometimes we will revise your drawing more if needed. We schedule your appointment as soon as the drawing is approved. Glass gilding is a time-consuming process. To clarify, A simple set of transom numbers requires about five hours of labor on-site or more.

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glass gilding - church renovation

Certainly, glass gilding appears in religious settings.

In church architecture and religious art, gold leaf is associated with the divine, indicating its spiritual significance. In ancient Egypt, the massive temples held many priceless gold objects. The empires of Rome and Byzantium introduced more subtle applications for gold within the church. In Constantinople, the famous church of Hagia Sophia originally had gold leaf on its pillars and wall paintings. Gilded decorations are prominent in churches, mosques, temples, and other forms of liturgical art, and even in modern times. In conclusion, the use of gold leaf remains prominent in all religions.

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