Gold Leaf Numbers Washington DC – Gilding at 712

Your home needs Gold Leaf Numbers Washington DC.

23 karat Gold Leaf Numbers Washington DC; we make them by hand on a glass transom in Washington, DC. Glass gilding is our specialty, and with years of practice at our shop and on-site, we have perfected our craft. Among our many gold leaf projects in DC, we can count the corporate offices of Pepco and The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. In addition, we have restored the historical mail coach, which is on display at USPS headquarters, and we assisted the Society of Gilders with gold leaf restoration at the Marine Corps Memorial on the Mall in DC. Also, we have gilded Restaurants, shop and boutique windows, and the transoms of private homes all over the city, in Northern VA, Annapolis, and Baltimore! So give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll get your glass gilding project started right away!

Learn more about our Transom Window House Numbers.  We have provided more detailed information and photos of the process from start to finish!


Gold Leaf Numbers Washington DC - 712

gold leaf house numbers

Decorate your home with Gold Leaf Numbers Washington DC!

Certainly, nothing looks as lovely as Gold Leaf Numbers Washington DC; we design and install them by hand, using only traditional methods and materials. First, we help the owner choose a font that would work well for using gold leaf as the application process has some limitations. To accomplish this, we will send you a portfolio of historically and artistically appropriate fonts. Next, we provide a drawing with measurements and give you the option of an outline with shadow. In this case, the owner has decided to stick with a simple outline. Finally, we will schedule your installation for any weekday at 7 am. In short, the job requires about five to six hours on site. We love glass gilding and working with gold leaf. We are thrilled to be part of the gold leaf revival that is taking place in Washington DC and many other cities in the Northeast.

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