Repaint Our Community Sign

For lack of a better description, we’ll call this project, “repaint our community entrance sign” at Ponder Cove in Edgewater, MD. The condition of this sign was beyond repair, but we fixed it nonetheless. As shown in the photo below, the paint on the sign was failing badly. First, we removed the decorative attachments from the sign so that we could address the issues with the sign itself. Once this was accomplished, we were then able to separate the three planks. To our surprise, we found an infestation of ants inside the wood. They took up residence in the dowel holes where the panels connect to each other.

Repaint Our Community Sign

Please fix our community sign!

Oviously, we removed the ants! After that, we added a heavy coat of latex primer on the sign and replaced the rotten dowels. The new dowels allow the sign panels to connect properly, ensuring a snug fit. For added durability, we put wood glue in each dowel hole. The wood glue also prevents future ants and termites from making a home inside the sign. In order to reduce the visibility of three individual panels after the sign was re-assembled, we filled the gaps and smoothed out the surface.

Next, we were able to re-paint the sign blue. We used multiple coats of exterior paint for years of a lasting finish. Repaint our community sign! We pay attention to detal and make your sign look brand new.Repaint our community sign

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