Gold Leaf Numbers 1743

Gold leaf numbers in Washington DC. This classic font (Baltimore Font) was used by The B&O Railroad Company almost 200 years ago. An interesting choice for an historical transom! It is not exactly historically accurate but it is really cool and it looks great. Quite the conversation piece of the owner if this handsome historic home.

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gold leaf transom numbers

Gold leaf in Washington, DC. Gold leaf numbers / Glass gilding for an historic private home in Adams Morgan. 23 karat double gold leaf applied by hand. Black outline and backup paint to protect the gold leaf. Our gold leaf installations last a lifetime.

gold leaf house numbers

How it looks before the excess gold leaf is eradicated

gold house numbers

Gold Leaf Numbers – The Details!

Backup paint is applied by hand. This is the final step before the excess gold can be removed from the glass, the process of removing the gold is called eradication. It must be done carefully as the paint is still setting and the letters can be damaged easily during the final phase of the job.

Learn more about the B&O Railroad Company

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