Gold Leaf Transom Numbers – 1110

Gold leaf transom numbers 1110 (glass gilding) in Washington, DC. Designs & Signs installs many genuine gold leaf address numbers in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas. First the black outline is painted onto the interior surface of the glass. 23 karat gold leaf sheet is laid by hand, and then the gold is backed up with protective black backing paint. The excess gold is then eradicated and voila!

Gold leaf numbers everywhere!

You may have seen delightful, gold-leaf transom address numbers painted right on the windows of your neighbors or local businesses. We at Design & Sign would love to provide you with our transom window services to make your home or business’s numerical address more stylish, distinctive, and welcoming. This here is an example of some of our fine work. The process itself is lengthy and takes time to perfect, we always prefer to take our time and get our signs done right.

Gilding on glass

We always exercise extreme patience when we are gilding on glass. Drying time between each layer is critical. We do try to speed things along with a heat gun. On cold wet days drying times increase. If we work too fast there is always the chance of mistakes, especially if the gold leaf or paint has not dried completely before the next step begins.

Learn more about our Transom Window House Numbers.  Detailed information and photos of the process from start to finish!

gold leaf transom numbers - 1110

Gold Leaf Transom Numbers & GOLD LEAF LOGOS

A beautiful gold leaf logo – Glass Gilding – Shinola

and Another – Glass Gilding – Barcelona…    and Another! – Glass Gilding – All Souls Bar

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