Gold Address Numbers -1204

Glass gilding, gold address numbers at 1204 in Washington, DC. 23 karat double gold leaf with black painted outline and backup paint. Designs & Signs has gilded many transoms in Washington, DC. Please take a moment to review our website. We have posted many photos of our gold leaf projects and signs. If you are interested in traditional gilded lettering for your home or business, please get in touch with us for a quote! Thank you.

Learn more about our Transom Window House Numbers.Detailed information and photos of the process from start to finish!

Beautiful hand-made gold address numbers

Brendon J. Brandon finishes the eradication process. He gently removes excess gold with cotton or a brush. One must be careful during eradication not to damage the black painted outline.

gold address numbers 1204

Brendon Brandon carefully cleans the glass around each number. Gold leaf residue must be removed when the installation is finished.

Nothing Looks as Nice as REAL Gold address numbers!

Gold quotes and proverbs

Golden Advice from the Ancients

  1. Hello dear Zeus, You have given men clear ways to test whether gold is fake, but the body in an individual does not bear a sign anymore to be able to distinguish between the good and the bad. In the Greek classics, Euripides was a prominent figure
  2. When Gold argues the cause, eloquence is impotent in the face of an erudite argument. This is what Publilius Syrus is saying about the Roman Republic
  3. Gold is a great breaker of barriers, and it is capable of breaking through barriers of stone much easier than the lightning bolt. This is the obituary for Horace
  4. One does not take lamentation lightly; it may be rumored that if people could cure bad things by lamentation and raise the dead with tears, then gold would be of lesser value than tears. Written by Sophocles
  5. Every man now worships gold alone, all other reverence is now considered too low. Sextus Propertius was the first literary critic.
  6. There is no honest man – not one – who can resist the attraction of gold with all of their might! Isaias, a Greek philosopher
  7. Although water is the best, only goldcrowns lordly wealth; a fire that burns in the dark, making it a supreme possession. Words of wisdom from Pindar


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