Gold Leaf House Numbers – 1363

Gold Leaf House Numbers – How to apply gold leaf to glass

Using gold leaf to create gold leaf house numbers has been a practice used by sign makers for centuries. ‘Reverse Gilding on Glass’ and ‘Verre Eglomise‘ are other terms which define this delicate process.

The glue used in glass gilding is known as Gelatin size and it’s rather easy to use. In warm water, this gelatin is dissolved and sprayed or brushed onto the surface of the glass. We apply gold leaf immediately with a soft gilders tip while the water size is still wet and sometimes we speed along the drying process with a heat gun. The gold is allowed to dry completely before it is polished and then reapplied. The process is repeated once more to fill any cracks or spaces which were missed by the first layer, and then sometimes a third patch up layer is needed too.

We use only the  most high quality pure gold leaf products. Gold leaf numbers can last for many decades.

Verre Eglomise

firstly in Verre Eglomise, gold leaf or palladium leaf is applied to the interior surface of glass to produce a striking mirror effect. An old-world technique, verre eglomise is filled with rich history in the decorative arts. Patience and years of experience matter.

Second the gold leaf, whether surfaced or loosely applied, must be Genuine Gold or Palladium leaf. Patent Leaf will not work for gilding on glass. Gold can range from 22kt to higher depending on the desired look and color tone.

The leaf should be applied while the surface is still wet with the gelatin size. With the Gilder’s Tip Brush, quickly and carefully place each leaf directly onto the wet surface. As the leaf gets close, it will tend to jump from the tip onto the glass as there is some static attraction between the materials. The liquid will flow rapidly down a vertical surface. For this reason we Continue with the next leaf by applying more gilders liquid if necessary and repeat.

Protect the gilt surface by backing it up

Last of all, make sure your gold is protected by Back-up Paint. It is common for Gold Lettering and graphics to be painted over to protect the gold leaf and to enhance the beauty of the gold. Without back-up paint the gold would be translucent on the glass. The back up paint also improves the natural reflective propeties of the leaf.

Gold leaf house numbers last many years

Your numbers will look great for years to come. Do not spray surface cleaners directly onto the back of the numbers. Do not rub the numbers will abbrasive spunges or brushes. The cleaning process is easy. For example, simply apply your cleaning fluid with a paper towel and carefully wipe the glass areas around the numbers. clean the back of the numbers lightly with a feather duster.

gold leaf house numbers 1363

gold leaf house numbers 1363

Traditional gold leaf numbers will look great on your new home and they add value to your property. Please contact us today for a quote. We are always busy, but usually we can schedule house number installations within two or three weeks. We need 5 hours onsite to complete the job. Our normal schedule is Monday through Friday and we can begin working at your house around 7am. Typically an installation finishes at 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

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Gold Leaf House Numbers – Photos and information


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