Glass Gilding – The Mt. Washington Tavern

Glass Gilding at Mt. Washington Tavern in North Baltimore. Brendon Brandon applies backup paint with a lettering brush.

Glass Gilding - The Mt Washington Tavern

Glass Gilding - The Mt Washington Tavern

Glass gilding at The Mt. Washington Tavern, a newly renovated restaurant in Mount Washington just north of Baltimore. 23 karat gold leaf is applied to the glass by hand with a painted a black outline and protective black backup paint. Designs & Signs has created and installed many gold leaf signs in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Annapolis.

glass gilding - mt. washington tavern baltimore

The finished product is spectacular. It catches your eye. Gold leaf makes any classy logo look great!

and for Homeowners…

We design and install gold leaf numbers for homeowners in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Annapolis. If you have a historic home in the city you probably have a glass transom above your front door. If so you’ll need real gold leaf numbers rendered by hand. We use traditional techniques and the finest 23 XX gold leaf. Here are a few of our residential gilding projects. Enjoy!


About The Mt. Washington Tavern

Established in 1979 (again in 2012) and located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Mt. Washington Tavern is an ideal venue for celebrations of all shapes and sizes. Keeping with the spirit of Baltimore, the venue is decorated with artwork inspired by the Chesapeake Bay. The tavern is approximately five minutes from popular attractions and landmarks, which include the Mt. Washington Arboretum and Asbury Park.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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