Glass Gilding – McGarvey’s Saloon

Glass gilding at McGarvey’s Saloon in Annapolis, Maryland. The hand rendered gold leaf logo has remained in good condition for more than thirty years save a few scratches from rough times, after all this is in a bar! The gold leaf is applied in two layers by hand – double gold. The a pounce pattern is used to apply the backup paint. The excess gold is then removed with a soft eradicating brush. At last the thin green outline is applied with a fine lettering brush. Gold leaf on glass is a beautiful way to show off any storefront. With careful treatment glass gilding can last a lifetime.

glass gilding

If you’re ever visiting Annapolis you’ll have to stop by McGarvey’s Saloon for a beverage. It’s right by Ego Ally so you can step right out front and watch the boaters do their thing.

We also offer a 15 year 23 karat gold leaf film! This fantastic product costs less than traditional gold leaf…

Gold Leaf Logo Washington – Colony Club

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