Gold Leaf Numbers Washington DC – 4113

Gold leaf numbers Washington DC – 41134 Americana font with black painted outline and shadow. This classic font looks great on any transom! The double gold leaf on the reverse side of the transom creates a mirror effect, it really is something to see. The installation requires a half day to finish. We arrive at 8am and we are usually finished with the gilding around noon. Give us a call or send an email and we’ll get you a quote right away. We’ll send you a font portfolio to choose from. You’ll get a scale drawing of the transom to review and approve before we schedule your installation.

Learn more about our Transom Window House Numbers.  Detailed information and photos of the process from start to finish!

Gold Leaf Numbers Washington DC

gold leaf glass signs

GOLD LEAF NUMBERS Washington DC – Annapolis – Baltimore City

4113 – 23 karat gold leaf numbers with black painted outline and shadow, black protective backup paint. We design and install custom gold leaf numbers by hand in Annapolis, Washington DC, and Baltimore.

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