Carved Quarterboards Made by Hand

We make carved quarterboards for your ship from teak or mahogany. The letters are carved by hand and finished with 23 karat gold leaf. The letters are then outlined by hand with a pinstriping brush.

We ship our carved quarterboards to locations around the globe!

Once you commit to working with us, we provide you with:

  • a custom font portfolio for your review
  • a scale drawing for your approval

When the final drawing has been approved we select your exotic lumber and begin shaping and carving your boards. The process requires three weeks to complete. When the boards are ready to ship we collect the balance due and we ship them to you with insurance.

Let’s start a new project together.  Call us (410) 798-5115 

23 karat XX gold leaf and palladium leaf provide you with the most traditional style and finish. All of our quarterboards are finished by hand with spar varnish. We use 6 coats of varnish to start. Then after the gold leaf and outline are done, we finish your quarterboards with 6 more coats of spar varnish. Your boards should be maintained yearly with a light sand and a fresh coat of varnish.  We also offer white canvas board covers which will protect your boards from unnecessary UV exposure while your vessel is docked.

Here are some exemplary videos from our workshop on how to make a quarterboard signs:

All about Spar VARNISH!







Quarterboard History

Every ship since 1815 must have its name on the stern. This old maritime law also states that a board for the name (or quarterboard) should be placed on the ship bow or quarter panel.

As such, the ship’s captain would call upon their woodworker to carve the name of the ship onto the stern and/or bow of the ship. This was at times even done with decorative gold-leaf painting, using the same process that we use on our quarterboards to this day. This was not only because it was stylish and distinctive, but also because it made the ship’s name easier to read from further distances and stand out from the other decor and designs of the ship.

Have a look at the quarterboard signs we have made in the past:

Hand-made Quarterboards / Life Rings / Gold Leaf Boat Lettering.

Ready to have your Yacht looking great? Drop us an email

Frequently asked questions:

What material can I pick from for my quarterboard signs?

We offer mahogany and teak wood.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship quarterboard signs worldwide and with the insurance!

How long does it take to make a quarterboard sign?

Depends on the design but usual time needed to produce one is 3 weeks.


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